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What IS AFFILIATE Marketing?

Well… AFFILIATE Marketing in One Word if I say, The Opportunities to earn Passive Income.

It Organised by THE Merchant, THE Publisher, THE Network & THE Consumer.

THE MERCHANT Known as a MARKET PLACE-Responsible to selling the items That are Going to promoted also ORGANIZING, PACKING AND SHIPPING to customer. Example like AMAZON.COM

THE NETWORK Known as an Affiliate network who ensures which PRODUCT to be PROMOTE and PAYMENT for Successfully Conversions.IN some cases Network run by the company for better service, AMAZON Is the best example and Platform, not only sales THE PRODUCT but ALSO provides the network.

What IS AFFILIATE Marketing?

THE PUBLISHER Known as an Affiliate Marketer role as a Promote Product to user via Focus Content and Promote to Merchant Product-After Sell they will give you Commission on Product %

How Does it Work?

Simply As an Affiliate, you need to Promote Merchant Product Link in Many WAYS…

  • Promote to Different Social Media Platform
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Writing a Review
  • Banners
  • MAKING YouTube Video

Many Affiliate Marketer Makes Million of Dollars Per month from this Because of they are doing all this in Proper ways and Regular basis…this business need to consistency.

You can More or less commission depends on which merchant product you are Promoting.

Make Honest Recommendations

Use the link in every post you Share in Different Platforms.

USE types of Tools for Analysis.

MY Favorite OFFERS

  1. ClickBank, Share a Sale, Commission Junction & JV Zoo- huge Platform for Affiliate works
  2. NINJA-Great Platform for Sponsered Post
  3. Bluehost, SiteGround & Bigrock for hosting of your website you need to create.
  4. E-mail marketing tools like-Mailchimp, Aweber
  5. Social Media Platform like-FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, PINTEREST & TWITTER…
  6. Writing a Review as a Guest- Quora
  7. Shopify-A very nice store Software
  8. Semrush-A best Platform for your Content Ranking & traffics generate
  9. Ubersuggest-a free tools for Keywords Analysis
Point to Focus While Writing Article
  • Write a minimum 1000 words-Long Tail Keywords
  • A Regular Posting-Once in week
  • Use Yoast Plugin For SEO Content writing
  • Write Real Article
  • Pinnable Image
  • Use Shareable tools

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