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Corona Virus alarm Corona वायरस से सतर्क रहें!

Corona Virus alarm

Corona Virus alarm – Coronavirus Starting from Wuhan City in China, it has spread to 21 countries of the world, Beijing has confirmed that more than 12000 people have been diagnosed with the disease and more than 250 Death with Corona till Date, after them and most of them have spread to 31 cities of China. Work is on a war footing to fight the disease in China and they have completely sealed their borders for Wuhan City coming and going. #Coronavirus more than 250 Death till Date.

‘Corona Virus’ has become a big challenge for health, realizing the seriousness of the illness of many countries including India, it has decided to bring its citizens from ‘Wuhan-China’. India has decided to have more students and girl students from the Wuhan area in Airlifting On 31 January, 400 students were airlifted and they were kept in isolation at ITBP’s Manesar.

‘Coronavirus’ start from China and spread across world Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Canada, Germany, UAE & India.

Corona Virus alarm

So far, more than 250 people who have fallen prey to this disease have lost their lives, many countries of the world have kept a watch on the travelers coming from China and they have stopped them, China Ordered 200 million masks from Turkey for Their People to Prevent ‘CORONA-VIRUS‘. To fight this disease, work is going on at war level in China, there are more than 1000 Bed capacity hospitals are being constructed in just 1 week As per Head of Defense is claimed and it will be ready by 3 February. ‘Pasteur – French Institute’ claimed to Make Vaccine against Coronavirus, which will take at least 20 months to become completed. Vaccine will be available by 2021.

Symptoms of Coronavirus are severe headache, runny nose, persistent cough, sore throat if a person has asthma, and then asthma is aggravated. The prevention of this epidemic is to avoid eating seafood. Do not eat the flesh of animals, whenever you go outside the house, put a mask on it.

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